Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nippon and Dungeon

Today and yesterday I spent some time conquering dungeons! Granted I only went after two but the second one, found earlier, had a green record! I really should consider crafting a jukebox to hear the music that plays.

But the main news is Nippon Hamlet. Since last time I've added a house or two and a storehouse. I also included a dock and may do a defense tower, although with it being a small hamlet that seems unnecessary. Thus the settlement is nearly done, except that it needs lots more farmland. I have a hoe so all that's really left is to till the dirt, plant seeds, and profit off of it.

As mentioned in a previous post, I want to have something along the lines of electrical wires for in the World. Since currently no towns or villages exist that would feed power to the hamlet, I can't to that with Nippon.

In other news, I've tried out a new mod: the colony mod. It creates various NPCs who do work for you. At the moment I only have a lumberjack chopping down trees and planting saplings in a confined area. This will be useful for me because this is requiring much more wood than I anticipated. I was previously planting large amounts of trees in front of my tiny base then harvesting those, but the AI will simplify my endeavors. I repeatedly feel the need to say "Thank you" to the character but then remember... I'm the only sentient entity on this game.

Here is the seed for the Minecraft World: 1157488901799875748

Now some pictures of Nippon Hamlet! The description of each image immediately precedes it.

The hamlet as seen from the south:
Southern Nippon is quite hilly/mountainous:
The Mayor's residence. The name, Fushira Naruto, is meant to sound Japanese and is a tip of the hat to the manga/anime Naruto:
This bridge is located at the closest points between Nippon and mainland. I've since found it easier to use a boat to get from base to Nippon: