Saturday, August 6, 2011


If you knew me in real life, or read enough of this blog, you would think I'm the sort that prefers not to cause trouble with others and likes it when everyone is getting along. And you would be right. It's probably ironic, then that I'm a fan of Team Avolition.

For the few of you that don't know who Team Avolition is, here's a brief explanation: they're a group of griefers who do the work with great skill and creativity. I don't usually support griefing because it instigates trouble and often ruins the work of others. Yet with aVo I can't help but enjoy their work. They are notorious for having struck Reddit and MCBans servers. Often, mentioning their names can put you in hot water with server moderators and admins because of the amount of damage they have done. They record the mayhem they cause and put it on YouTube.

I think what makes Team Avolition, or aVo, more entertaining than other griefers I've seen on YouTube is how they approach griefing. They do a lot more than just walking up to a house and destroying it although that's a large part of their activity. They are very creative about it. They have leveled buildings to nothing, placed lava all over a stadium, tricked people into building structures on top of their own buildings (which were already basically demolished by aVo) and many other things. aVo has an array of tools which help them sneak, move faster, and even move around independent of their avatar's bodies. Mindless destroyers they are not. Heck, they once managed to ban the creator of MCBans from his own server! I find their ingenious methods very interesting and of course the way the people respond to them. The commentator/recorder, Storm_surge, has a phrase he uses often: "I think he might be mad." I think he is usually correct.

Team Avolition deserves ice cream. Lots and lots of ice cream.