Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nether Trip [Ravine Project Post 5]

There have been several suggestions for me to use Nether brick for building stuff. And Nether brick does look pretty awesome. So it was off to the Nether for me!

It didn't take too long for me to encounter my first Ghast. I took it down no problem. But when I wanted to return home so I could resupply, I had a road block...

Here's a cool view of my portal from an elevated position:

When I returned to the Nether, I started hearing what sounded like a wet slapping noise. That's what a Slime makes. But there are no Slimes in the Nether... but there are these guys (I thought they were rare...):

I sliced him up and got plenty of XP from him.

As I explored around more, playing badminton with Ghast fireballs, I noticed a silly glitch:

After exploring for a little while, I didn't find any Nether fortresses. I returned to the overworld and exited the game. Curious to see if any fortresses had appeared anywhere, I went on Minutor (slightly violating my desire to play this map completely legit). As it turns out there was one about a hundred blocks from me, but the part closest to me was encased in Netherrack. After breaking a pickaxe and going to the wrong coordinate pair, I broke into the fortress:

I heard plenty of Blazes around me. According to Minutor I had at least two not very far from me. I didn't really want to battle them so I went on Peaceful mode and snapped this pic.

I could probably make this into an XP farm in the future, as well as a good source of Blaze rods with which I could power my furnaces.

I explored the fortress for some time and decided to start mining it. Once I gathered a large enough amount I returned to the overworld.

I then built a room with Nether brick, glowstone, and sandstone. I also completed the room with light gray wool in the ceiling, and also made a more natural room using cobblestone, dirt, and jack o' lanterns.

Final amusing point: I was doing some mining to gather more coal and stuff (as if I really needed more) and came across a huge coal deposit. It was at least 5 blocks tall and I actually ran into bedrock.