Friday, January 3, 2014

Minimalist Ichthys House

One of my favorite Minecraft let's players, Pakratt0013, had a nice house on the Mindcrack season 3 map. It was in the shape of an ichthys. Today I built a new version of it, one which had a somewhat simpler external design, with a more modern touch.

This time, it floats!

Here are the next few layers of construction.

The completed inside. I used spruce slabs to break up the otherwise bland look.

Pictures from the top. Note the use of birch stairs and sandstone slabs. Also, it's outlined with more spruce slabs.

General pictures. One of them is of the fish tail. The original build had a little dinky tail. I opted to elongate it for this design.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Small Stone House with Depth

This house took about 90 minutes for me to put together. It's a small demonstration of the depth skills I have picked up so far. I first made it in Creative mode, and liked the outcome.

It begins with a simple, L-shaped layout with cobblestone walls.

Applying what I call the "canvas technique," I divide the walls with stone brick and light blue stained clay. This brings a layer of depth and forms little sections of the walls I can decorate later. For the top of each section I choose stone brick slabs and stairs.

Bam, more depth to it. With the basic elements of the bottom floor in place, it's time to start decorating. First is a trick I found online. When putting in windows, make the top and bottom block of the window a stair block, and use glass panes. (I add the glass later.)

Let's decorate the sections. Leaves are a good way to decorate the walls. It would act as good contrast to the primarily blue theme to the house.

This last picture is the left side of the house. It's the longest part of the build but it's also kind of flat. Cobblestone walls fit the house's theme and don't look too bad. I'll add those. While I'm at it, I also add cobble walls to the back of the house too.

So the bottom looks nice now, but the top might benefit from decoration as well. I could do some more walls, but I feel like mixing things up a bit. I settle on doing cobble walls for some, and stone brick slabs for others. Variety is the spice of life.

Those are just kind of floating, though. Wouldn't it be nice to give them some support? Fences are quite adept for this part.

Great! Now we're done with the bottom floor. Let's get started with the second floor, which is a single room. Put up the walls:

Before going further, I want to finish the first floor's roof. It's kind of a modern-themed build so there's no need for crazy arched roofs. A flat one will be good, with a small raised portion for detail and depth.

See that middle fence? There was a stone brick stair over it but it looked out of place, so I replaced it with a full block. Now onto the second floor's roof. Again, a flat design seems fine for it. I use stairs in a square formation.

While examining the right side of the house, I find that this newly added second floor gives an opportunity to add a bit more detail.

The outside is finish! A quick walk-around.

Interior decoration is kind of my Achilles' heel. I threw together a few things that look like they could fit in the house. I also gave the second floor an actual floor. You can see the nearby river.

And that's that!