Friday, December 14, 2012

Carrying On!

A big change has happened. I've left the Hydrocity Gaming server and now play on the MC^3 server. For me, it's a major step in the right direction. As a PvP, anarchy server, Hydrocity permitted things like griefing and stealing. While that in itself isn't bad, it meant that it was hard to trust anyone, and if you made anything fancy there was the constant danger of someone destroying it. My underground base was many thousands of blocks from spawn, and not once did I get an unintended visitor. The fact you couldn't trust anyone meant that you couldn't show anyone the things you've made, which is unfortunate and counter-productive on a multiplayer server - after all, what good is multiplayer if you can't, you know, play with anyone?

MC^3 has a lot of things that Hydrocity lacked. It's modeled after the Mindcrack server, but not intensely. It has a Nether hub, spawn town, communal mine, Enderman farm, and other things. The few people I've met are mature and kind. I'd encourage any of my readers to submit an application to join.

The first thing I did, as I always do, was pick a direction and head at least 1,000 blocks from spawn. This is to make sure I have plenty of room to build without interfering with others. I didn't run into any oceans this time, which is unusual.

Here is a map of the general area I selected. It's another plains biome, with mountains nearby.

The best thing for me to do was go underground. There was a nice opening and I went under, to find this:

Score! I lit it up and set base.

From here I got some crude supplies and followed the cave to see where it went.

In case you haven't noticed, I love these circular rooms, there's so much I can do with these. Near its roof was another excellent surprise.

So much I could do with these two dungeons! Exploring the caves branching out from this room, I discovered an abandoned mineshaft, a few tunnels, a ravine, and several huge pits like such:

Needing to secure myself, I made a couple doors. The first was to get into this temporary shelter, and the second was to go underground. Both were built so that mobs wouldn't find there way to where I was.

I even made a nice little alcove where I could securely be AFK:

There are cows everywhere. I could have a beef feast anytime. A small farm has been set up to grow wheat. In addition, using Rei's minimap I've laid down markers for some useful places near me, such as a snow biome for pine wood, a forest, and a desert to collect sand. Surprisingly, there's no swamp near me.

My initial plan is to make a sort of extreme hills village that can serve as my home. Bridges will be used to get from one to another, since the terrain is rough. The houses will each serve a purpose, in addition to looking nice. Or at least the first ones I make. Recently I've been moving away from "everything must have a function" toward "things should look good."

Friend's Private Server

I haven't been terribly active on the private server recently. I suppose I was a little burnt out on the project, probably due to the boredom of having to shear sheep then wait for them to regrow wool. I never quite seem to have enough. I logged on last night, though, and started with my interior walls. I didn't initially plan it, but the inner walls have a plank bottom. It actually looks pretty nice.

The entrance to the building from the inside:

Your typical hallway:

Peeking into the reed farm room:

And an overview. It's really great to see how much the house is coming together!

There is still more to be done. I need to somehow get enough wool to finish the floors, then start on the upper floor. Oh, and the basement too.

Single Player

I haven't been on my single player map since last post. Been too busy with school and SMP. However, since I will be returning to my home tomorrow, where SMP is really restricted, I will be on my single player map a lot more.