Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thoughts on Being in 1.0.0

As of right now, I have all but four of the mods I wanted installed in my Minecraft. The only ones I have yet to add are MineColony, the Zeppelin mod, wireless redstone, and the colored glass mod. Everything seems to be working well. I rather enjoy how, in a way, there are two humanoid races inhabiting the Minecraft world: the Testificates and the Millenaire villagers. Of course, the villagers are a lot more sophisticated. It's also interesting how now there are two types of villages that appear, one for each race.

The problem I am currently facing is this: what is to be said of all the progress I made in 1.7.3? In all likelihood I am going to end up abandoning that world altogether because plenty of what is in it won't work with 1.0.0. It does bother me that all that work is going to come to naught. However, I do expect that with it being in full release, things are going to be more stable and breakings of compatibility like this will become infrequent.

After fooling around on one map, I decided to enter the seed I've been using for 1.5.1 and explore around until I found some kind of settlement. In a previous map I found a Millenaire village and a Testificate village within maybe 150 meters of each other. But in my personal seed, I spent just over a day looking for the Millenaire village I would inhabit for the starting period.

Once again I am finding myself without an aim. Remember the Earth project? I have not gotten much luck on continuing that. Perhaps it is because designing Cush is such a large task for me to undertake. Or because the MineColony mod doesn't behave in a way I can manage it with. Or, as is more likely, it just takes too dang long to collect all that sandstone! I level large areas of desert and all too quickly, run out of sandstone. I have been contemplating hacking in the sandstone. It's not an entirely legit method as I desire for the Earth map, but if it will keep the game fun then there's no point in stopping myself. Unrelated, but getting sticky pistons could also be a problem since Slimes are such rare creatures. If I ever needed those, I may just hack in the slimeballs and continue with my constructions.

Also, I'm having something of an Etho rush. He has an underground base which is basically a dug out patch of grass with tunnels leading to tunnel systems. That is something I would like to try. Getting grass down there would be a pain, but doable.

Now, I would like to as you, the reader, a couple questions. What would you like me to do in Minecraft? Is there something you would stick around to read me explore? Is there any challenge you'd like me to try? What about this blog itself, its design and content. How would you like it to be? Would you be interested in a message board where you and I could interact on a more individual level? Please feel very free to answer in the comment section below. Thank you!