Saturday, May 7, 2011


Craffy is a sort of Twitter exclusively for Minecraft. You should join it and see what I'm up to closer to real-time. It's still in beta and doesn't have things like the ability to follow someone and I don't think if you mention someone it'll appear on their profiles.

The address is Observe my craffies (their equivalent of a tweet) at If you're a Minecraft player, I encourage you to join... and if you'd be kind enough to do so, tell them that shawntc mentioned it on his blog? If nothing else, it'd be a nice little ego booster for me. :3

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Brief Look at My Worlds: A Boring History Post

This is just a little recollection of the various worlds I have played with and how I progressed.

I started some time in Alpha, a couple months before beginning this blog. In that time there were many worlds that I generated, browsed for a few minutes, then got rid of. The majority of these were after custom seeds were introduced so I've seen ones like 404.

Very first world: This one was the first map that I generated after getting Minecraft. I built a cobblestone shelter shaped like a rectangular prism that had little more than a chest, workbench, and furnace. There was also a painting - I've had an unspoken tradition to include a painting in any base I build. Near that was an elevated post that I used to watch monsters in the few instances that I switched to anything except Peaceful. It was in this world that I found diamond first and encountered my first dungeon. It also marked the first time I died, by lava. My mining skills were terribly inefficient.

Shortly before moving on to a new world for good, I constructed near my base a small storehouse with several double chests.

First main, "World1": This lasted the longest of any world. I crossed a small ocean and built another cobblestone shelter at the top of a mountain overlooking said mountain. Below me was one of a few places that I established a mine but it wasn't too big at first. That cobble shelter was eventually expanded to three floors in height and went from a one-room building to four rooms and a tower on top. Some distance away from my base, on the same island (it looked rather similar to Australia although I never managed to name it) was the location of my first deep mines and mob trap. It barely worked and after a long time I patched it up. In addition there were a couple lava lakes at the surface.

I explored that map like crazy. My expedition southward, which led to a huge snow biome (which I find annoying) was three times the length of my northward expedition. I also flirted with the idea of a more advanced home base as well as trying to make a world of nations. This was the world that I started using mappers with. As I moved on to other things this one became increasingly less used and was deleted not too long ago.

USS Enterprise-A: I downloaded the map of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A and spent many hours exploring the ship. Although I have yet to delete it I have not been giving it much attention recently.

Second main, "World5": this is what usurped World1. I was going to make a world of nations and explored it for a while. Then I decided I would save this for when I have more experience in nation building. So came...

"Minecraft World Demo": This is the one where Nippon Hamlet is located. This blog has plenty of recording about my experiences on it.

That huge Earth map is looking like it will become my third main save. It's more likely that I could make a world of nations on it or at least it offers gratuitous space to build things. We shall have to see...