Thursday, October 31, 2013

1.7.2 Changes

This has been a pretty big change for the game. It's a little head-spinning to figure it all out by experience. Here is a list of some of the bigger changes in the game.

New biomes:

  • Mesa, which is made entirely of clay. Also has red sand.
  • Mega taiga: 2x2 birch trees with podzol, which acts vaguely like mycelium.
  • Ice plains spikes: ice plains with packed ice stalagmites.
  • Savannah: flat like plains but also has acacia trees.
  • Roofed forest: almost completely topped with leaves, trees and giant mushrooms are up close to each other. Has mostly dark oak wood.
  • Birch forest
  • Sunflower plains: like plains, but can have sunflowers.
  • Forest flower: a forest with the new flower types.
  • Deep ocean: really deep ocean.
  • Extreme hills+: like extreme hills, with birch trees.
  • Snowless taigas.
  • M-variants are much more mountainous.
  • Hills-variants are hilly.
  • Plateau-variants are hilly but with flat tops.
Oceans are smaller (thank God!)

New blocks and items:
  • Acacia and dark oak wood added. Slight texture change to all.
  • Lots of new flowers! Still got dandelions. Red poppies replace roses. Added blue orchids, allium, azure bluet, tulips which have many colors, oxeye daisy, double-height sunflowers, double-height lilacs, double-height rose bushes, double-height peony. They are mainly used for dyes.
  • Stained glass and pane counterparts. This is particularly awesome.
  • Packed ice: lacks most features of regular ice, but you can still slide on them.
  • Red sand: acts like regular sand, but you can't make sandstone from it.
  • Portals can be much bigger.
  • In addition to regular fish there is now salmon, which always gives a tuxedo cat, clownfish which always gives a siamese cat and is a poor food source, and pufferfish which is used in a potion of water breathing, gives you a ginger cat, and will make you sick as heck.
  • Fishing has been changed a bit so now you get junk and treasure sometimes. 
There are other changes no doubt but I'm not terribly interested in them.