Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lost the Save Again

Well ladies and gentlemen, it happened again. Due to some error that I still cannot figure out, I got the "Saving Chunks"/black screen error on my 1.7.3 world. This time I may have caused the error. I had started a small outpost of colonists in an area far enough for both Millenaire villages to be frozen and not in memory. But I felt as though I had not put enough thought into designing it so went to get rid of it. I mined the Town Hall chest and nothing bad happened. Then I mined a Citizen's chest and BAM! Game crashes.

I loaded up MCEdit and tried deleting possibly offending chests but to no avail. Whenever my character came inside the range of where the chest even was it would crash. So I went back into MCEdit and started deleting entire chunks from the area. This was a very bad idea. I assumed that if those chunks were to be deleted, then when I return they would be generated again. It was not so. I still could not get to those areas without crashing. Meaning whether or not they could be regenerated is currently unknown, however I have my doubts. 10 or so chunks were permanently removed from the game.

So with this futile situation I went ahead and deleted the save. I need to take the time to find what is causing this error. I attempted to reproduce this on a save devoted to testing MineColony but could not. Perhaps it is due to faulty interactions between MineColony and Millenaire?