Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Settling Down

So after something like a week of just derping around spawn on the Hydrocity Gaming server, I finally decided it was time for me to start actually playing on there. My intention was to not really build anywhere until the faction I applied for accepted me, but due to the recent Hurricane Sandy events hitting the eastern coast of America, those in charge of the faction couldn't quite make it on. Hopefully the faction will still be able to defend my base somehow.

I've modified the skin that Magazine2 from the Minecraft forums made me. I opted to get rid of the face mask and change up the some of the colors to better fit what I had in mind. I'm pleased with the result.

With it being an anarchy server, it's of the utmost importance that your base is hard to find; otherwise, griefing and stealing are virtually guaranteed to happen. A recommended way to reduce the changes of being robbed is to get away from spawn. Far from spawn. Such is the tactic I took, spending probably a half hour going in one direction. There was a certain distance I wanted to go before settling down on a landmass. I reached this limit, but not without having to relog many times due to chunks not loading - and the fire alarm for my dorm building going off. Most of the adventure was spent on boat, going through the endless oceans that seem to be trademark of Minecraft these days. I also spent most of the trip low on health. It's amazing I survived.

I did find something interesting along the way:

This was the first time I'd ever encountered a sand village. Upon closer inspection, it was clear that someone had already been there. The houses had blocks missing and there were a bunch of Villagers huddled together in a fenced area.

The trip's end found me in an extreme hills biome, my personal favorite.

Also nice was the swamp connecting directly to the hills. In 1.4.2, Slimes spawn in swamps at night. I can't say I really like this, because it gets rid of how special Slimes are as a mob. Starting off as rare underground monsters, now they're just going to build up in swamp areas. It does allow for better collection of slimeballs, which I suppose is a good trade-off.

I have two plans for what I want to do on this new server map. First, I want to make the underground ring-shaped base I had begun two maps ago, before the reset. I sort of messed up on that one, so hopefully it'll be better the second time around. Secondly, there is still the matter of the palace. I don't really like the design I have in mind right now. Has too much of an enclosed, cramped, box-like feel to it. I would like to try and make it larger, perhaps give it a more organic feel.