Monday, February 25, 2013

Enchanting Table

Single Player
I've been working in Creative mode to design the rooms of the village tower I will be building at Polis Youssarianis. At four floors high, I think it's pretty impressive, and its design resembles what you might expect to be built in an NPC village. What's cool is that the bottom floor has eight wedge-shaped rooms that could be thought of as shops. Jack o'lanterns will be used for lighting for the street intersection under the tower.

In addition I am thinking of adding an underground part that has more of a slums feel to it. There would be several "apartments" for the villagers, a reception room leading to an overseer's office, and a small hospital. Once the number of villagers is big enough, there can be a system of minecarts that take the villagers to another area, one which is much simpler in design and composition. This sequestered area is exclusively for breeding more villagers. It's not exactly someplace you would go on vacation, because despite being protected from zombies, there isn't much to look at. For added fun, I could set up two sets of rails - one to the village, and one to the breeding area.

I did have some encounters with villagers recently. I needed bookshelves for an enchanting table I crafted. It was off to Biblos Village to collect their books. Picked them dry.

After chopping the shelves from both libraries I was still a shelf short, so I stopped by Polis Youssarianis and grabbed one from their library. Then it was back home to get things set up. Since there wasn't much room for the bookshelves and enchanting table, I put them on the ceiling of my storage room.

Unfortunately, I don't think this setup is allowing the table to sense the bookshelves, because I can't get more than a level 8 enchant. Perhaps I will need to add an enchanting room. Nonetheless, I had something like 32 levels, more than enough for me to enchant my armor and sword.

The armor has three types of protection and feather falling. I also let the game run as I did homework to get a good supply of potatoes going. I'll be eating mostly potatoes and either chicken or beef.

For a while I forgot I went into Peaceful, and was surprised that no mobs were around. Once I figured out what was going on, I returned to Normal mode (haven't faced lag death in a while) and the monsters started spawning like usual. A couple interesting things happened, like a leather armored zombie:

It spawned inside my cave base, which leads me to believe there's some area in there not sufficiently lit up. There was also this trapped Creeper, who experienced slow suffocation by gravel.

Friend's Private Server
I'll have to post the pics another time, but the server owner TNT'd my old house to smithereens. I had moved all my possessions out of the place and watched as he went into Creative mode and blew the place up. It was marvelous. Now the land's been leveled out and is free for future use. I've also began accepting donations of cobble and sand from people so I can more quickly get resources for the Nether hub.

Digging out tons of dirt is really boring.