Monday, January 9, 2012

Odds 'n Ends

I haven't done too much since the New Year's build. Here's an update on the past week or so.

During some free time I remodeled the Persistence. It mostly was replacing one type of block with another.
  • Planks became stone.
  • Logs became Netherbrick.
  • Fences became Netherbrick fences.
  • Torches became glowstone.
  • Stone roofing that previously existed became stone brick.
  • Along the sides, top and bottom of the balloons I added a strip of Netherbrick with occasional glowstone to give it the appearance of having framework holding it in place.

Doesn't look too bad to me.

I've also considered making a sort of graveyard in memory of previous deaths that will inevitably come. Here's what I have thus far:

Both of these were made on my Creative, non-legit map where anything goes. If I like it I will remake it on my Main map, legitly. Speaking of my survival map, I have a little bit to report there. I have done quite a bit of cave and mineshaft exploring, resulting in the accumulation of more resources. I'm drowned in iron at this point, yet I'm still wearing my original set of leather armor. It's still mostly healthy.

I've set up pumpkin and melon farms. At first the had dismal outputs but have since then began churning out crops at a better pace. It's kinda silly and unfortunate how melons are basically re-textured pumpkins for the most part, but it does simplify growing them.

I modified my waste disposal system in my house. Originally it was just a lava pit in the basement. When I saw dirt blocks adjacent to my chest would occasionally set on fire, I added a row of stone half-slabs to prevent that as well as make it impossible for me to walk into the pit.

The water and sign you see are part of the disposal system. Signs won't burn in the presence of lava and stop the flow of water. If you drop items into a water stream, it will float in the direction of said stream. So after about ten minutes of positioning and digging the tunnel for the water, I had a disposal system that spans all three level of the base. On the upper floor it appears as a source block in the corner, on the lower floor it is a waterfall, and in the basement it is as you see above. There's no danger to me. The bed the water makes between the lower floor and basement isn't tall enough for me to get sucked through. Indeed this could possibly double as a crude water elevator.

Something that has been pressing on me is the relative shortage of logs I have. Thus I set up a tree farm on the swampland immediately north, adding a dirt bridge to make movement easier. I also chopped down pine trees in a forest to the west. Now I have something like 13 stacks of wood, and wish to focus on getting more birch wood.

But the biggest project on here, somewhere around 1,200 blocks at least, is a mob trap. It's designed to have mobs spawn in darkness then fall through a hole via water currents. The trap is 28 blocks in the air so they die once they reach the bottom. I could probably outfit this to have water channels which float drops to my base, or at least near it. Additionally I could add a platform just high enough they can be killed with a fist or stone sword. Using water currents and an iron bar for safety, I could have an XP farm!

Definitely not the prettiest construct, but oh well...

Now, my list of things I want to do in the future have increased by two:
  • Inspired by Leangreen76's Minecraft, I would like to build a glass ceiling over a ravine, add floors with rails, and perhaps establish some kind of little settlement inside it. That would be pretty neat.
  • Build some kind of building or perhaps a hanging house on the cliffs somewhere in a mountain biome. I don't know how people think the new terrain is ugly. I rather enjoy the expanded biomes and especially the mountains. Those rolling hills are beautiful!
I look at the maps that Minutor and Cartograph G generate and I see the world is starting to fill up, at least in my immediate vicinity. In probably a year and a half I've played Minecraft, never have I made anything this permanent and expansive. Partially it's because I have definite goals I'm looking toward such as the Ultimate City and defeating the Enderdragon.

Finally, if you would like a couple suggestions for live stream sites that frequently have Minecraft, check out QubeTubers and Precipice Games. I tend to be around those places a lot, so there's a chance you'll encounter me.