Saturday, February 9, 2013

Setting Up Shop

It's been a few days since I've made any significant progress in Minecraft. School lately has been very time consuming and stressful. Here's an update as to what I've done thus far.

To date I've gotten ten diamonds, three of which have gone to a pickaxe. I'm currently at over 30 levels, so it's about time I get some enchanting done. This requires reeds. Tons of reeds. So I went exploring into the swamp northeast of spawn and began picking some out.

Obligatory water glitch:

Returned to my underground dwelling and planted a long line of sugar cane.

As those grew, I set about making an above-ground abode. It is going to be a simple wood and cobble place. There will be a few basic "nodes" connected by tunnels - a bedroom, smelting room, potato farm, and storage. I cleared out the trees in the surrounding area and got to work. The basic design for the entrance to the place:

Birch plank outline the floor.

The roof has cobble stairs (which look like full blocks on the inside), and two types of wooden half slabs.

Meanwhile underground, I discovered that behind a wall of gravel in the main area of my underground residence, there was a tunnel.

Turns out it only had a pair of Creepers and a zombie, and wasn't very long at all.

My plans at this point are to put together the above-ground house so I can have a secure base of operations. From there, I will be heading over to Polis Youssarianis, where I'll accomplish one of my objectives: make a village big enough that it prospers and generates Iron Golems. Ideally, it'll get so populace that I'll need to invent some kind of system, like a cactus wall, to weed out excessive villagers!

The village will have, at its center, a large round building, with the two main roads intersecting through it. This will have rooms on 2-3 floors with stairs to villagers can get into them. It will also be divided into three sections: an urban area containing a library, tavern, and smeltery, and maybe a few other buildings; a rural area, where all the houses will be; and an agricultural area, with fenced-off wheat, carrot, and potato farms and smaller houses. The rules for villager breeding are a bit complex to me, but if I want a successful village, I'll need to spend some time looking them over.

Friend's Private Server

I haven't been on there at all basically. Progress on the roundhouse hasn't changed much. Just digging out a ton of dirt from below the house. I think I'm going to take a break from that and start placing the stone brick walls so I can get an idea of how big an area I'm dealing with.

Other Notes

One of the advantages of writing down your experiences, be it in a journal or a blog, is that you can look back on them and remember so much. I still think it's really great to see how I've developed in the two years I've been playing. I've noticed my style has gone from being totally lacking in circles to almost excessive circles! There's a balance to be found there. I think my next step will be learning how to make multi-floored buildings.