Saturday, March 3, 2012

Return of ToK [Tale of Kingdoms Post 2]

A long time ago I downloaded and installed Tale of Kingdoms into a separate Minecraft jar. Having recently gotten bored and de-energized by my ravine project I decided to get back into ToK.

Up until now I've mainly been grinding in front of the castle that you spawn in at the start. Nothing very interesting. Was planning to perhaps start a farm. I've also been considering building a house some distance away. In addition, I am copying an idea from one of my preferred TV shows where each life of my character has a different appearance and perhaps personality as well.

The First Shawntc is the one I've been using for the longest time, haven gotten probably the majority of play time and experience. Not very courageous or crafty, mostly sticking around the castle and rarely venturing deep underground. Used the default Steve skin.
 Things were going smoothly and quietly until today. When I was about halfway toward having enough experience to begin building my own kingdom, there was an attack on the castle: the Siege of Youssaria! The enemies in this mod, which seem to be dark versions of Knights and skeletons, suddenly appeared in the castle and war broke out! Naturally, I tried to help but it was horrible how outnumbered I was. Given my lack of strong equipment I couldn't hold them down very well.

I was obliterated and respawned as the Second Shawntc. My skin (and by the way, the skins for my 2nd to 4th respawns were decided after the fact) was kurtmac's Tenth Doctor.
However this was a brief life. Things happened so quickly... there was no chance to fight back... within seconds I was killed again. I returned once more, this time as the Third Shawntc with the skin of Skylord Lysander from "Shadow of Israphel."
By this point the castle was suffering intense damage and combat. The structure was burning to pieces.

My third version also suffered a quick demise and respawned once more into a fourth form. This was intended to be the typical dwarf skin of Honeydew from Yogscast, but it appears they have been filming, because I got this:
This time I ran to hopefully live. Then I crafted my iron sword and tried to fight. Still no good! My fourth avatar was slain and I came to as the Fifth Shawntc. This time I decided to go with Etho's skin, Kakashi Hatake.
At first, I ran. Content to let the castle burn to the ground I sought to get as far away from the evil NPCs as I could. But the Guild Master would keep teleporting to where I was, saying how we were too far from the castle to fight. So I found some courage and went back into the battle. With the help of the Master and the archers I began to fight off the bad guys! Emboldened by victories I went to the front of the battle lines - going out of my way to grab experience orbs - and once the inner area was cleared, I went up to the largely destroyed upper level of the castle. There weren't any monsters up there.
 Victory at last! I scrounged up a few logs to get the needed stack and the castle was promptly repaired.
 Unfortunately, my bed, workbench, furnace, and chest were destroyed in the repairing. Meaning that the Fifth Shawntc is starting over basically from scratch.
But I'm nearly able to begin my kingdom!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Quick Report [Ravine Project Post 6]

I haven't done very much this past week. Got a couple more rooms taken care of and I also worked on the pool.

This room features my first usage of brick. Probably could have been done better...

I really like how this next room came out. It primarily features stone slabs and stone brick. The room is unique in that it has an upper and lower level, with cobblestone stairs. The patterned floors came out really well.

The door for the bottom half really should be shifted one block so that it aligns with the center of the pattern.

For the pool, I smoothed out the walls and ceiling, and also put stone brick at the entrance to make it an actual room. There's a small tunnel opposite the door, I don't know what to do with it yet. Perhaps make a locker room (full of chests) and a place where people can sit and relax.

My mind has been wandering in the realm of starships again. I encountered an interesting craft called The Luminous on Planet Minecraft and it has inspired me to perhaps built my own craft. The first thing that came to my mind was what I've dubbed the Imperator. It's a starship, but has all the necessities of a good Minecraft base in it. So it has all sorts of farms, XP farm/mob trap, TNT cannons, flaming arrow dispensers, and so on. Then I started thinking of the Elohim, a project I abandoned a long time ago. For some reason, Minecraft Classic can't load files anymore. I thought maybe I could examine what I had built thus far (something like 3-4 decks) and put it into a Survival world. Maybe I will restart that project in the future.