Sunday, July 7, 2013

Maybe Something

A few weeks ago I formulated an idea for a village that supplies all of my in-game needs, using a lot of redstone and hoppers to automate things. Today I finally sat down and got to building. My plan calls for 19 buildings, mostly small. The first one, a simple house, is completed.

The exterior is designed similarly to my cow house.

The interior isn't terribly decorated. You see a bed with a chest as a sort of bedside desk. On the other side is a table with a long couch to relax on. Perhaps I should put a pot there.

Some blocks away I have started making the first of many farms, a potato farm. I want it to eventually be connected to a village-wide clock which pulses once every two real life hours, automatically harvesting the crops. I also want the drops to go into an underground furnace and get cooked into baked potatoes, before coming to a rest in an underground storage area.

And a nice glitch to boot.

I have not yet updated to 1.6. Been rather apathetic about it. Surprisingly I'm not all that excited about horses, though they will indeed be a useful add. Perhaps I should alter my village layout to include some kind of horse stable!