Friday, May 31, 2013


My mind is going in every direction in regards to the things I want to do in Minecraft right now. Here is the stuff I want to do. I may switch between projects or do more than one at a time if possible. Beware, long list awaits you.

  • Village project: I want to get a village big enough to spawn Iron Golems and make baby villagers.
    • Collect tons of resource.
      • Put two double chests and four single chests at the work site for the village.
      • Get a double chest's worth of oak logs.
      • Get a double chest's work of cobblestone.
      • Get a chest's worth of birch logs.
      • Get a chest's worth of jack o'lanterns.
      • Get a chest's worth of gravel
      • The other chest will be for iron ingots as well as storage for stone and iron tools used for making the village.
    • Build the villager tower
      • Pretty self-explanatory
    • Design the other parts of the village
      • Design the slums, which will simply consist of rectangle-shaped apartment buildings.
      • Design the mayoral building which has an office, treasury (for trading), and bedroom.
      • Design the church.
      • Design a small marketplace which might optionally be populated with villagers. I'll need to design it properly so that zombies can't get to them.
      • Design the movie theater
    • Start building
      • Fairly self-explanatory. I have an outline for what the village will look like. All I need to do is plant the buildings.
      • Carve out and place the gravel roads. This will help me remember where the buildings need to go.
  • Spider/Skeleton Grinder: This fun redstone build will rely on timers to accumulate and crush mobs that pop out of spawners. Good for getting their loot, which is always a necessity.
    • Figure out what the "skin" of the build will be, and stock up on those resources. Perhaps get a chest's worth of it?
    • Get a chest's worth of redstone dust.
    • Learn the mechanics of despawn timers, including how to start and reset them.
    • Build the contraption, including a ladder to the surface.
  • Get the optimally enchanted iron tools and armor: diamonds are quite rare on my world, from what I've experienced so far. I don't think I'd be able to justify using all diamond stuff with enchants.
    • Read on enchanting mechanics.
    • Find out what the optimal enchants for my toolset and armor is. My ideal set presently includes:
      • Pickaxe with Efficiency 3 and Unbreaking 4
      • Pickaxe with Silk Touch and any level of Efficiency and/or Unbreaking
      • Pickaxe with the highest possible fortune.
      • Axe with Efficiency 3 and Unbreaking 4
      • Shovel with same
      • Shovel with Silk Touch
      • Shove with Fortune (to get more flint from gravel)
      • Armor with full protection
      • Boots with Feather Falling IV
      • Helmet with some enchant that lets me breathe underwater.
      • Thorns on chestplate, perhaps?
    • Once I have the ideal enchants figured out, grind XP like it's nobody's business and enchant books.
    • Then enchant the tools. Preserve them by repairing using the anvil.
Then on my friend's private server I have plans to make an underground base, with an above ground entrance dedicated to aesthetics.

  • Underground base: Intended to be self-sufficient, based upon Nebris's base and Etho's single player underground base.
    • Stock up on resources (this may take a looooong time):
      • Double chest of cobblestone
      • Double chest of smooth stone
      • Double chest of stone brick
      • Double chest of dirt
      • Double chest of birch logs
      • Chest of redstone
      • Chest of spruce logs
      • Chest of oak logs
      • Need plenty of iron for tools
    • Plan the design for each room, then build, build, build!

Yeah, I'm good at making lists.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Village Tower Goes Boom

I needed to get rid of the villager tower because the land it was on was too low. For something meant to be the center of attention, it looked more like a mess. But you can have fun undoing stuff in Minecraft.

After the fun was over, it was time to remove what remained and start covering the hole with dirt. I'm not sure how wise it was to make the dirt different layers tall. If nothing else it makes it look slightly more natural. My dirt supply has been exhausted with this. I need to start a dirt farm in some nearby forest or something. Maybe one of the snowy biomes, since I never use those.

Last main change for the zombie grinder: I added a hidden crafting table for the occasional crafting need. This kind of thing is really interesting to me. Might have to implement it in future builds.

My method of game play has changed over the past couple days. I have Single Player Commands with WorldEdit, and that has a /tp command for teleporting. I normally have to walk or boat long distances and teleporting is so much faster, so I've begun using that for conviencence's sake. My personal rule is that I will only use that to move between waypoints, and I won't use the tp command to get out of danger. The only time I'll save myself with it is if the dead would be the result of the teleport - i.e., teleporting into a block.

I'm also giving myself use of the /fly command, only to be utilized for taking aerial pictures.