Monday, February 13, 2012

Setting Up the Rooms [Ravine Project Part 4]

I've finished up with laying the stone bricks on the walls of the corridor. I've left the upper dirt layers in place to give the ravine more varied of a look. Both the office and the closet now have stone walls with stone brick along the bottom and the corners.

The first room I went with was adjacent to the closet. As you can see, I may have gone a little crazy with using a mix of materials. I thought it would look nice but it seems a little too... diverse to me. However I could just use that as the theme of the room.

All the way in the corner of the ravine, on the other side of the hall of the underground lake, I had a small squarish room and I decided to make it a Nether room.

Then one of the larger rooms, I decided to use a plank and wool combination. I want the ceiling to have light gray wool. There's a story connected to that: I needed more ink sacs so I went searching for squid. Every time before now I remember seeing tons of squid in the water my house faces. But they weren't there. I found them after some searching and collected their sacs. Then while crafting the light gray dye my game crashed! I loaded it back up and, because the items were in the transition state between inventory and crafting menu, they were gone when I reloaded. All that work for nothing. Need to find more squid.

Another problem I was facing is that I couldn't come up with good combinations of blocks, so I asked on this thread of the Minecraft forum. Here's some things I may consider trying:
  • Iron blocks and lapiz lazuli blocks.
  • Sandstone and Nether brick (need to find a Nether fortress first).
  • Cobblestone and pine logs.
  • Stone slabs with something.
  • Sandstone with stone bricks.
  • Sandstone with pine logs.
  • Wool with wood or planks.
  • Sandstone with red or blue wool.
  • Iron blocks with obsidian
  • Bricks with planks and wood.
If you have suggestions, please let me know!