Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lookin' Nice

The zombie grinder is coming together very nicely. I had to change the design a little bit so that the zombies wouldn't be blocking each other from getting into the killing chamber, and it started being really effective.

The redstone mechanisms work as intended. I've had to move them once or twice in order to accommodate for changes, but it's really not that complex. I have a personal rule where all redstone must be done on wooden planks.

Silly gravel, staying afloat when it is supposed to fall.

It became time to carve out the shape of the grinder room. I had an idea for the room's floor, but was undecided for the walls.

To the right of the spot where zombies are processed is an alcove for the anvil. I found out you could place an anvil facing forward or sideways. I also came up with a tentative design for the alcove.

The beginning of the redstone part of the room. This dispenses stone swords, and will eventually have an indicator when I'm low.

That has been updated, as we will see momentarily. I began working on the walls and door to the enchantery. I think it looks pretty good.

A couple more miscellaneous pictures to bring you all more up to date.

The floor currently has concentric circles, but the wiring for the crusher kind of interferes, so I think I'm going to change the floor pattern.