Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Designs [Redstone Network Post 1]

Neither my laptop nor my schedule allow much time for making a video series, so I'm going to post about the project here. I've mentioned what I've done up to now to get things figured out. I have figured out how much of the redstone is going to work, and I think I'm ready to start with the base itself.

One of my biggest concerns was how the base would be visually designed. The halls at least have been figured out. Here are pictures of the doorways, halls, and ceilings. Looks pretty nice to me, has a lot of detail.

Included in the plans for this base is an XP farm using a skeleton spawner. This is, in my opinion, the most useful of spawners because it drops bones and arrows. Arrows will be used for fighting. The bones can be used for bone meal. What I might do is this: when I use the grinder, a hopper will store up bones. When I'm done - or if the farms need it - I'll convert the bones to bone meal and store those in a special chest. A cart will then grab some and ferry it to places like the flower farm, ranches, and wherever else it might be needed.

This spawner happens to be located in a mineshaft. This is really good. My project is going to be heavy on rails, and the mineshaft is full of them. Fences don't do me much good, but the wooden planks do. Since much of the area is already going to be carved out for me, tools won't get used as fast, and hopefully building things will go quicker.