Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Second House

Single Player

In keeping with the Mhykolian (congrats YouTube user Mhykol, you have an adjective named after you) design, I've made a second house, designed a little bit  more like how he actually does them. The floor is made of sandstone half-slabs, and the spruce half-slabs are so you can see out the windows. I put those up too high to see through.

The roof alternates oak and spruce slabs. Inside the house, you really can't tell the difference, but outdoors it's easy to see.

Still need to continue work on it. I think it could be a storage building. It's rectangular in shape and not terribly interesting to look at on the inside. Sounds like a storage building to me!

Friend's Private Server

I got the chance to get on SMP yesterday and do some work on my roundhouse (that's the name it's been given). Had to upgrade to 1.4.6 to do that. The walls are by and large done, so I've begun starting on the ceiling and roof. My plan is to have a faux ceiling of iron bars for the main floor. It's much more expensive than I imagined. This required me to take a trip into the caves, were I gathered a total of 88 iron ore. I still need a bit more bars before it's completed. The roundhouse is shaping up to be the first major project I have ever completed, which pleases me because not only is it something that's required a bunch of time, it's also very aesthetically pleasing. It might take another month or so to complete, but I think it's going to be worth it.


If you look at the top of the page, under the title, you'll notice a menu bar. I've added a new page to the blog called "Tutorials." On that page I'll post links to blog posts I make on here that are intended to teach players how to do things. My focus will probably be on practical redstone and design, for the most part.