Thursday, January 17, 2013

Roundhouse Continued

I haven't been playing much Minecraft simply for the fun of it recently. My last couple posts have been more toward being tutorials. Which, don't get me wrong, I enjoy doing those as well.

Most of my progress has been on the roundhouse on my friend's private server. It is getting much closer to completion now that I have started on the roof. I still need to finish the iron bars, flooring, and the basement -  first level will be chests and an enchanting table, second level will be a Nether portal.

Things on the server kicked off with me getting a visitor...

You should be able to see the Creeper near the center of the picture. Fortunately, there is a plugin on the server where Creeper explosions won't break anything if you have a block called a totem in place. For this server, the totem is a diamond block, and it will prevent Creeper damage for a radius (or is it diameter?) of 40 blocks. So when I went down to fight the mob, it exploded but didn't break anything.

I began on the roof. Originally, I was going to try a conical shape, but as I put on the first couple layers I realized that would look weird. The cone-shaped roof would be way bigger than the rest of the visible building. So instead, I'm going to do three or four layers of stairs, then top it off with half-slabs. For lighting inside the building I will use pumpkins.

Here are some pictures from different angles showing the building so far. At first I thought it looked kind of odd, but after giving it some time to sink in, I'm quite proud of what it's become.

I'm going to be heading back to university in two days. This blog probably won't be very active until I get things figured out on campus. Luckily, that does mean I will have greater access to SMP so projects like the roundhouse and Nether hub will likely be worked on more often. I also have a tutorial on roofs that I want to publish. Roofs are one of the design features that still give me trouble, so it'll be just as informative for me as for you all. Happy Minecrafting.