Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sugar Cane Farm Complete [Ultimate City Post 6]

For the past few days I haven't done much of anything productive. I'm working on this project slower than I had anticipated. Unfortunate. Anyway, the sugar cane farm is done. Its design is a blend of the cactus and half-finished wheat farm I have. At the press of a button it uses pistons to break the upper parts of the reeds and float them to a central collection point using water.

The original design would have been quite slim and sufficient. However it was basically a straight line and I could not fit a repeater anywhere.

I decided to stack them instead. I thought it would be sufficient to just have two layers but a large amount of the sugar cane falls on the sand and doesn't get pushed, so I added a third layer. Hopefully this will manage a stack each round. Here's the wiring. I don't think birch wood looks good en masse, honestly.

And finishing up the walls...

Quick look at the insides:

And a shot of all the buildings. The rightmost is the unfinished wheat farm, and the bottommost building is the sugar cane farm.

I know that the designs are pretty bland right now. My creativity faded quickly after the tree and cactus farms. Fortunately as I get feed back in the future, I'm hoping it will include ways to make them look better. I also need to update the design plan with an Iron Golem farm, Snow Golem snow farm, wolf and ocelot pens, and something else I can't quite remember at the moment.