Monday, March 12, 2012

Donate Button! And Business Talk

I am trying something new. Recently I got a PayPal account and decided to experiment with it. There is now a Donate button on this site. If you like what you're seeing on here and would like to support me in a more tangible way, consider making a contribution. It would be very helpful and motivational. To think, people would give money to see what I do. When you make the donation, you can also suggest something for me to do. Perhaps you'd like me to construct a building in your honor, try a map, and so on. The only things I can't do currently are make videos, stream, get on Mumble/Vent/etc. servers, or join Minecraft servers.

While your donations would help me with real life things (such as paying for college - goodness knows how expensive that gets) they would also go to things related to this blog, should enough money be given. For example, I wouldn't mind doing a gift code giveaway every month or so. Even though right now I am limited, there's the possibility I could host or co-host a server in the future. The possibilities are endless.

Even if you don't wish to donate, I really do enjoy hearing from you guys. I always read comments and do my best to reply. If you have a suggestion for me, feel free to post it. I'm trying to be more interactive. Perhaps you have noticed the poll in the upper right corner of the page. Since my creative juices are running a tad low at the moment, hearing from you guys helps motivate me.

Last point of business. Along the right you will notice a list called "Other Minecraft Blogs." This is a list of other Minecraft-oriented blogs who I link to, in exchange for them linking to my site. It's called a link exchange. If you have a site and would like to do such a thing, contact me. I'd be interested in making that link.