Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Starting up My Base

Wanting to get going with my adventures and constructions, I left the village I was holed up in and sought out a relatively flat area. About 250 meters away, there is a ravine in an area of flat land with low hills around it. Wild grass everywhere. The spot is nice, since the mineshaft system is right below it. After a couple in-game days' worth of punching grass, I have made a nice flat area for building.

In my Creative world, I've been working on developing an aesthetic style for myself. It's kind of unrefined however one is starting to appear. Mine is more systematic than most. I begin with an 8x13x4 cobblestone shack. As odd as it seems I find myself constantly needing to get into the ravine and dig more cobble out of the side of it. Once it's made, I add a door in the middle of the front and place a torch on either side of it. For windows, I use two sets of four glass panes on the front and more on other parts.

Next, I put log blocks above the glass to break up the monotony. Doesn't quite turn out like I would want. Almost looks like it has eyebrows. For the corners of my home I use stone slabs.

Looks... good enough. I get to work inside. First off, I set up a crafting table, furnace, and bed. Then in the corner goes a double chest. I don't want a grass floor so I dig it up and replace it with wooden planks. I could use wool in the future once I have more dyes.

My first useful addition is an infinite water pool neatly tucked under the corner of my house. I also add a small side room with a ladder straight down to my mining system.

Now for a second floor. My first base eventually grew three levels high, basically a big cube. This second floor will instead be smaller and have a patio. Here's how it looks at first:

At first inspection I don't care much for it and consider tearing it down. Some time later, though, I work on it and make it look a little nicer. After replacing the bottom level of the upper floor with smoothstone, adding fences and an arched ceiling, I think it's better looking.

This ladder to my mining system goes straight down. When you hold left control you get the "drunk mode" formerly activated by F8. It also zooms in. When looking straight down I can see the bottom of this shaft quite nicely.

My final touch to the upper floor is adding a pattern along the bottom to make it less bland. I opt for a simple stone ring, which was cooked while I elsewhere.

That's it for this time. I've begun mining, using a new torch system to minimize how many I need. You can safely have a distance of 12 blocks between two torches without mobs spawning. I'm taking advantage of that to make 26-block-long shafts with only two torches keeping them safe!

This is a somewhat new format for me. Usually I just do all text, however I believe people like to see more pictures. If this works it may become a new style for this blog. Feedback, as always, is appreciated. :D

Happy digging!