Saturday, July 6, 2013

Oh... Hi

No content in terms of gameplay has been put on here recently because, well, there hasn't been much of anything to talk about. I felt like I should make a post to get you all caught up with whatever there is to catch up on.

In my spare time I've been learning up on enchanting and anvil use. Remember that talk of a dream tool set... from over a month ago? As it turns out, certain enchant combinations can't exist. My studies also showed me that there's a difference between, say, Smite and Sharpness, or Flame and Fire Aspect. It also taught me that every time you repair an item, the cost for repairing goes up. That essentially means you can't hold on to a single tool forever. Eventually it will get too costly to repair, and you're best off using it until it breaks. This newly gained knowledge at hand, there's what I'm now thinking would be a good toolkit for me:

  • Sword with Sharpness V and Fire Aspect II. This will be my general combat sword.
  • Sword with Sharpness V and Looting III. A special sword for gathering mob drops.
  • Bow with Power V and Flame I. General combat bow.
  • Pickaxe with Efficiency IV and Unbreaking III. My main work pick. An enchanting table can't produce Efficiency V and I don't want to spend extra levels and time using the anvil.
  • Pickaxe with Fortune III and Unbreaking III. Fortune is my main desire.
  • Pickaxe with Silk Touch I and Unbreaking III. Silk Touch is my main desire, any level of Unbreaking is fine with me.
  • Shovel with Efficiency IV, Unbreaking III.
  • Shovel with Fortune III and Unbreaking III. This would only be used for getting gravel.
  • Shovel with Silk Touch I and Unbreaking III. The only conceivable use for this would be getting grass.
  • Axe with Efficiency IV, Unbreaking III. General work tool. Fortune and Silk Touch strike me as useless for an axe.
  • Protection IV on all pieces of armor.
  • Feather Falling IV on boots.
  • Respiration III on helmet. Aqua Infinity is nice (lets you break blocks as though you were on land) but I don't foresee myself needing it that frequently.
All said and done, that's three weapons, four pieces of armor, and seven tools. I suppose that's reasonable...