Friday, August 31, 2012

Seeking Builders for The Ultimate City

Greetings, Internets! The Ultimate City has returned, this time as an SMP project. And now, I'm looking for builders. Please read the link provided below, and if you'd like it, sign up! You don't have to have a Minecraft account, you can sign up here.

Looking for Builders for Project: The Ultimate City

Monday, August 27, 2012

Fancy Designs


Recently, my Minecraft adventures have come to a standstill. In addition to university taking up a lot of my time, I've gotten frustrated over something.

Put simply, the stuff I build looks like crap. Seriously, it's pretty hard for me to come up with a block combination of my own design that looks half decent. On the private server, my house is quite squarish and composed mostly of planks with a sandstone base. Granted, it's still in the early phases and I was planning to make it look better once the basic shape was build, but still... ew.

In my singleplayer world, I haven't touched the Slime farms in days. I'm not sure what I want to do with those. Do I want to sort them by size? I don't think so. Do I want to be able to kill them manually, or should I let gravity do the work? The questions go on. I want to move on to playing with villagers, making a nice settlement for them using the first village generated in my map, but that only brings me to my key problem: I can't make anything look good!

Over the past couple of days, I've been researching ways to make stuff look better. Reading threads and watching YouTube videos. It will take a lot of practice but I think I might be able to do a better job with my builds. I really want to get into more complicated constructions - the starship is still a possibility - but first I need to learn how to not make trashy stuff. It's possible that future episodes of my let's play will involve me just building random stuff in Creative mode. Perhaps it could be a spin-off to my main series! Who knows?

If you want an idea of just how bored I've been with Minecraft recently, a few days ago I packed up my stuff on the server, went into the Nether, and built a random portal. It took me to a forest a kilometer from spawn. During an attempt to return to my first base via Nether, I ended up in a hopeless situation. I put my stuff in a double chest and accepted my fate. Probably five times now, I have tried to retrieve it but I can never find the junk! Yes I could just start over and find it in the future, but I'm discouraged.

Here is a picture of my SMP base so far. You can't see them here, but there's quite the herd of cows by where the portal is resting. Bread doesn't quell the hidden hunger bar so I've been free range breeding cows a lot.

The Ultimate City

I'm really wanting to start the Ultimate City again. Not so much as a project I would be building myself, but rather overseeing a team of others build it. Let's face it; until I can make stuff fancy, there's not much I can do outside of planning and doing the grunt work of building. All that I would really need is for someone to host a server for it. I know what buildings to have and where they would go, as well as some of the infrastructure that pulls the city together.