Thursday, December 23, 2010

What Is This?

I've seen many of the Let's Play videos, where people upload in-game videos to YouTube. Instead of doing one of those, I have chosen a format that better suits my personal skills... a blog. With this I can highlight more important parts and omit or very briefly mention less noteworthy parts.

Although I forget exactly where it took place, I came across Halkun's full-size Enterprise model during my Web surfing. I watched the video and my jaw dropped as he presented it. After seeing that I thought to myself, "I want this game!", found out its name and website.

My first experiences in Minecraft were in Classic. I went to many servers and was never particularly stuck to one. For a brief time I wanted to try and do a "restoration project" on the now gone Fatima server, which was completely unmoderated and nothing short of a total mess. But before I could start it went offline.

Then I found World of Minecraft and have been using that for my Classic adventures. Finally, I acquired Alpha, which is now Beta. My main goal with Minecraft is a lofty one: build a multinational, multicultural world. Being a person of faith, I've sort of put references to it in the naming schemes. For example, several of the nations will be aligned in a political body called the Christus Kingdom. These nations retain their independence but work together, somewhat styled after the German Empire of the late 1800s. The nation which is the center of activities is Yusaria. Its people are called Yusarians and the capital is Yusarian City. They are a society of archers. I don't have the nerve or desire to do direct combat with mobs, so I instead prefer using bows and arrows.

So far, the main problem is this: in the four or so square kilometers I've explored, there is very little usable flat land which I could build even small villages on, unless I were to build on sand and coasts. I thought at one point there was a rather large continent near my island but so far it's only shown to be a huge peninsula.

I also have other things that go along with this. I want to try and build a computer like what others are doing. Actually,  most of what I intend to do is really just mimicking others since as the blog says, I'm only sort of creative. :D

Right now, I'm in the process of raiding dungeons for whatever goodies they have. I was originally going to spend lots of time underground but I don't know if I'll continue doing that. Honestly, I'm trying to find myself some meaning for playing this game at all. It could be that I just haven't defined my goals well enough, but everything I want to do just seems a little too out of reach for me to accomplish...