Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Elohim's Internal Arrangements

Although I haven't laid down any final plans, I do know a little about what will go where. Rooms related to ship command and control will be placed together. Living quarters will be near that. Environmental control will be near the quarters, perhaps by the science department. Medical will be somewhere between the crew quarters and the engineering section. The security section will be near the meddeck but not as close to crew quarters (for good reason - would you feel comfortable knowing a criminal is on the opposite side of the wall you're laying by?).

As said before, Elohim is composed of three subhulls. This means that some things will need to be seen in all three of them, while some things will only appear in one. The shuttlebay will be in the back of Cain, like you'd find on Star Trek starships. Cain will also sport the main engineering room with the matter/antimatter reactor. The other two subhulls will have fusion reactors and banks of massive capacitors which are used as batteries. The primary meddeck will be in either Abel or Babel, but the other two will have smaller areas for medical purposes. A rather tricky part is going to be with their computer cores. I want to see if they can be lined up to form one core when connected, and not three scattered somewhere in the ship.

In a Classic file that I have on my hard drive, I've been making models of the ship's various rooms. It will indeed be a big ship, and maybe a little ugly at first. Deck 1, which has the main control center and briefing room, is 20x25 in size. Deck 2, which currently has the captain's and executive officer's offices along with another briefing room, currently doesn't look like it'll have to be quite as big. However, I've just barely begun making tentative deck layout plans, and that doesn't include larger constructs such as sublight engines, graser turrets, warp coils, etc. This ship will indeed be something when it's finished.