Sunday, February 13, 2011

Minecraft Rave!

This isn't actually part of my projects, however I encountered this video via the Minecraft forums and am simply in awe of how epic it is. Eric Fullerton, the same guy who made the Minecraft song "In Search of Diamonds", has also made a Minecraft rave video using music blocks and colored wool:

And I can't help but find that to be awesome. One of the comments on the video was a person saying they'd make their character's skin to match Daft Punk and then make one of these. I personally can find little else as potentially awesome as that.

I must now reveal a secret of mine: a lot of my ideas - actually, all of my ideas - have actually been inspired by others. You know how I'm building the Elohim? That was hardly an original idea. I was inspired by the Enterprise. I talked about how I wanted to make a world of nations. That's inspired by a thread on the Minecraft forums of someone wanting to make a realistic medieval country (although my world won't be strictly medieval). I do believe that once I get my Minecraft World going, I will somehow integrate this into one of the nations. It's not particularly easy for me to be original when it comes to the first idea, although over time I do add my own spin and add modifications to fit my visions.