Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some Projects on Hold

Due to recent events, there are a couple projects I've mentioned on here that will be on hold...

1. Elohim: not really so much as lack of planning or time. The problem is, there is a whole lot of grunt work and repetition. For example, I have completed the outline for deck four. Deck five is going to have an almost identical outline... but it would waste lots of time and counting to make a copy of it right next to deck four's outline. In addition, I would also like to try and get the ceiling and walls completed which would again be monotonous.

I did have a team of volunteers as well as a server that was hosting the project. However, the team never did actually get together and the host decided he couldn't manage the Classic server needed for the ship. So that was basically that.

2. Apartment complex/multiplayer in general: school lets out in a little over two weeks so it's going to be at least that long before I can get onto any kind of multiplayer server. By the time I finish, though, my adopted home server will have very likely moved on. A person on there has already began making a hotel/resort of some kind and having two similar projects in competition would not end very well. Due to having a sort of teleport command available to players I would generate basically no profit.

3. Minecraft World: this is a mind-bogglingly huge project. How am I supposed to turn a map into nations? The sizes of land masses don't permit much more than perhaps really big city-states. Which is not what my idea was.

But! Not all is over with. I recently downloaded a to-scale map of the Earth (I cannot make this up, look at the thread here) and I have plenty of ideas with what I want to do with that. Now that's another blog entry all it's own. Fortunately, with it being, oh, over 21,000 blocks wide, I'm pretty sure that would be sufficient area for some fairly expansive projects. Of course I have the same creative road block I faced with the Minecraft World... how does one build a civilization?