Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rave Room Go Boom

One of the project I've been working on is a rave room made of black wool with flashing redstone lights and circuits. I designed it to be big enough that I could gleefully jump around dancing to whatever music I was playing. The problem is, if you get enough redstone running in one area then lag sets in. Now, the base of the rave room was pretty big and there was lots of redstone at the bottom. And it was lagging something fierce. It was also fairly big. I had redstone torches along the walls and if I walked more than 16 blocks away from them they would stop flickering until I came back in range.

The lag was making my eyes tired and causing just a faint hint of nausea. Despite how much redstone wires and torches I removed to make the place smaller and less laggy I still could not fix it. So I decided to scrap the idea altogether and began destroying the structure. I use the SSP Commands mod so I have it set so blocks are destroyed with one hit but that was taking a long time to do.

Then I remembered a block I noticed in my inventory... TNT. I finally found a good use for it! I began laying it down in a 4x4 pattern on the glass floor and when enough was placed, I tried to set off the initial block. I flew back to escape the explosions. Nothing. Then I recalled my instant mine meant the TNT block I hit was destroyed, not set off! I turned off the instant mine and placed another block. I hit it again.

Now the place began to crumble. I had the render set to tiny (and was still lagging) so I didn't see the first blasts but when I fixed the render I saw that there was a crater in the ground caused by blocks falling through the space once occupied by the rave room. Where there was some leftover wool floating I eliminated with a couple more pieces of TNT and it was basically done.

I looked at the coordinates of the former rave room and went on Google Earth to see what area that would be on the real Earth. The equivalent location is roughly 33.7 N by 97.77 W, just northwest of Montague, TX. The town is about 3 miles from the site of detonation but its location on the Earth map has been blown up by the TNT. Sorry, Montague. :(