Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Youssarian, Story Writer

As you may or may not know, I'm a writer. I've authored two novels and several short stories although I've never published them. There have been times when I've wanted to write fan fiction for Minecraft, however I've never taken the time to develop a story and write it out.

A couple days ago someone on the forum was recruiting people for a machinima - a story played inside a video game like Yogscast or Red v. Blue from Halo - and I hesitantly agreed to try providing some ideas for a storyline. The person, who is 17, sent me a personal message explaining the backstory of the machinima. I took a little while and added detail and some creative additions to it and he loved it. We've exchanged a few ideas so far.

My writing has been inspired by the manga "Naruto" because of its surprisingly intricate plot. We have the backstory figured out as well as a little bit of what will happen early in the series. I have to scale my ideas to the fact that the machinima will only run for a couple seasons. With time we will get our ideas sorted and finalized. I won't be seen in any of the episodes for various reasons. But I'm alright with that; getting the chance to use my creative abilities for something and then seeing what the result will be is sufficient for me. I just hope that the series will actually be put into production and have some audience. It's good experience for me so if anyone ever needs a writer I could use this as a sort of resume. If the series does go into production then I'll talk more about it, but for now I'll reserve my words so I don't spoil it for anyone. But if it launches, then expect me to talk more about it. ;)