Monday, August 29, 2011

Spleef Arena

In the past few weeks I've partially completed Tubal and am ready to move on to a different part of the map. I've also done a lot of mining in my main save. Just a few more diamonds to go until I get a full stack!

However, over the past couple days I have been working on a large side-project I've wanted to make for a while. It's done on my new "Freebuild Nonlegit" world, where SSP commands are used to make it very Classic mode-like. It's a Spleef arena, pretty large too. For those who don't know what Spleef is, it is a sport invented during Classic where two or more players or teams compete with each other by digging the ground out from under their opponents. The last one standing wins. I've never played in a round of Spleef but have seen videos of it.

The stadium is still far from completed. At this point it has an arena that is 25 meters in diameter and made of dirt. There are four doors, each at one of the cardinal directions. Eventually these will lead to rooms where the players/teams would wait to be let out for each round. Above them are wooden stair blocks that act as seats for the audience. At the moment there is a total of 84 seats. I have a rather large list of rooms and other features to add, although I'm not sure how I'll do those, if I ever complete this.

Lately, my schoolwork has emphasized breaking things down into lists and systems, and I got to thinking. The server I used to go on had an economy mod installed where you could make money for being active and whatnot. I thought of what types of jobs would be needed and how much money the jobs could bring in per event. Something like this came up:
  • Stadium Owner: Owns and runs the stuff. Income is basically whatever money isn't paid to employees or used for maintenance of the building and supplies. Everyone reports to this guy, and if people want to use the arena they have to talk to him.
  • Referee: Two or three people who are knowledgeable in Spleef rules and can be impartial. Relatively high pay.
  • Block Placer: Two or three people who put the arena floor back together after each round. Relatively easy but it requires trust as you'll have access to inside the building. Medium pay.
  • Security Officers: May need as many as 6-8 of them. They have armor and weapons to monitor the crowd, keep non-employees/non-players out of certain areas, and make sure the Spleef players don't erupt into chaos. Also get medium pay.
  • Maintenance Crew: These guys routinely inspect the building for griefing and other damage. They also keep the dirt and other arena blocks stocked. Medium pay. 
In all likelihood, just as in many real-world organizations, employees will do the jobs of multiple people. I may be the Owner but I'd also pitch in for refereeing when necessary, as well as maintenance and if fights erupt, I'd try and step in to quell it if possible.