Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Moving on from Tubal

I have essentially done all I wish to do with Tubal. The village is designed as such:
  • The first house I built was the village leader's house. Since the name of the founder is Tubal, the title given to the leader of a village is tubal. It, like the others, is compose of wooden planks in a relatively rectangular shape. The roofing is multiple layers high and made of logs. Inside is a double chest, workbench, furnace, bed, and a couple torches.
  • Next to that is the craftsman's house. It is designed mostly the same, although the chest of the craftsman is filled with cobblestone, logs, planks and other things.
  • Across from that is the residence of the two cave explorer/miners. It is two stories high and features two double chests on the first floor, with stairs to the bedroom upstairs.
  • The fourth building is the storehouse. It has multiple double chests, a furnace, and a workbench. It holds wheat, pork chops, and a couple other things.
  • A small fenced farm is right next to the storehouse.
  • Surrounding the entire village is a defense wall, shaped in something of a rectangular shape. It extends to the mountains to the north. I haven't finished it, and likely will not.
  • To the west of the village is a plain which used as their tree farm.
Here are some pictures for your delight. The first faces north. The upper left is the explorers', the upper right is the craftsman's, the lower right is the storehouse, and the lower right is the leader's house.

Slightly different angle, from over the storehouse:

Lethargic farm:

Some distance away:

View from overhead, showing all of the walling:

As far as technology goes, they are still in the stone age. They have workbenches and furnaces, however they don't use the furnaces for anything more than heating their houses. Their tools are primarily stone, although only a couple of the houses have wooden swords (the other has a wooden sword). For armor they use leather. They also have domesticated wolves, which required I hacked in a bunch of bones. Now there's probably four or five dogs around Tubal and on the nearby island.

The Tubalites are avid tree farmers. West of the wall was once a huge mass of trees that took me forever to completely cut down, and a few stray saplings have just recently grew into trees. But alas, now it is time to move on from Tubal.

After traveling north, west, and east, I decided that the desert land to the east would be the best to start the second village. Referring to my table of Biblical nations I found Asshur, the forerunner of the Assyrians, settled in the approximate area. So we have a new village. These people will expound on what their Tubalite ancestors and cousins began in terms of technology and architecture!