Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ravines are More Fun than Cities!

The City Construction Challenge burnt me out pretty quickly. Probably because one, I had to devote a ton of time to collecting resources. The first stage, where you're limited to wooden tools, was ridiculously prolongated. The second stage was much easier for resource collection yet the requirements were rather high. Maybe Insane mode wasn't such a good idea. Doesn't help that I had like 2 hamlets spawn nearby, introducing tons of lag. And the biome itself does not lend much in the way of terrain flat enough for a settlement. At least, not where I was.

So I left that stuff there and returned to the ravine next to my base. I had glassed the top of it and now began smoothing out the bottom and the walls. It turned out to be trickier than expected. I also noticed that ravines seem to have a single-block wide lip about halfway up their walls. That makes for a perfect second floor. I went ahead and completed that. I also added half-slabs where the floor rises or dips. That makes it so I can run without being stopped. Stair blocks slow you down for whatever reason.

Now the question that faced me was, what would I do with it? I knew I wanted to make a bunch of little rooms in the sides, but what for? Then I had this idea: renting rooms in a ravine! I'd design a bunch of rectangular rooms along the two floors with different sizes and compositions. Some would have, say, sandstone floors, others stone brick, still others wool, and so on.

Each corner of the ravine is roughly high enough that the lip intersects them. This means the stair system can intersect nicely with it, and the slabs allow you to easily get on the second floor. The two corners also have something special about them. One side has a natural underground lake that will become a room, possibly with some kind of lounge in the small tunnel behind it. The other side has a really tall, cramped tree.

Now, the first thing I wanted to build was the office. It'd be simple: the main room would have a front desk with a simple bookshelf behind it, representing the paperwork for renting the rooms. Connected would be a smaller room as an office.

I've been watching a ton of Etho lately. He's become my new #1 favorite Let's Play. His inventions are ridiculously awesome. He has, for instance, make a Slime farm that uses water currents, signs, stairs, and AI pathing in a way the Slimes are automatically sorted by size. It's amazing and I derive a lot of my aspirations from him.