Sunday, February 26, 2012

Quick Report [Ravine Project Post 6]

I haven't done very much this past week. Got a couple more rooms taken care of and I also worked on the pool.

This room features my first usage of brick. Probably could have been done better...

I really like how this next room came out. It primarily features stone slabs and stone brick. The room is unique in that it has an upper and lower level, with cobblestone stairs. The patterned floors came out really well.

The door for the bottom half really should be shifted one block so that it aligns with the center of the pattern.

For the pool, I smoothed out the walls and ceiling, and also put stone brick at the entrance to make it an actual room. There's a small tunnel opposite the door, I don't know what to do with it yet. Perhaps make a locker room (full of chests) and a place where people can sit and relax.

My mind has been wandering in the realm of starships again. I encountered an interesting craft called The Luminous on Planet Minecraft and it has inspired me to perhaps built my own craft. The first thing that came to my mind was what I've dubbed the Imperator. It's a starship, but has all the necessities of a good Minecraft base in it. So it has all sorts of farms, XP farm/mob trap, TNT cannons, flaming arrow dispensers, and so on. Then I started thinking of the Elohim, a project I abandoned a long time ago. For some reason, Minecraft Classic can't load files anymore. I thought maybe I could examine what I had built thus far (something like 3-4 decks) and put it into a Survival world. Maybe I will restart that project in the future.