Saturday, June 16, 2012

New Maps for Download

I have updated the maps and they are now available for download. They are located along the right side of the page, as always. The Ultimate City now has the latest buildings. Main 1.0.0 now features the cave base, which is where you spawn. Freebuild Nonlegit is my newest map to upload. You kinda start out at the edge of all I've done. Just follow the buildings and you'll encounter the rest of the stuff I've made. Included are the USS Persistence and some other ships I've made in my free time, as well as the Castle of Inquiery. If you have Single Player Commands, type in /listwaypoints to see all the possible spots you can travel. Also note that since I play with mods, some of the stuff on there may not work.

Convenient links for your convenience:
Main 1.0.0:
Ultimate City:
Freebuild Nonlegit: