Monday, June 4, 2012

Ranch Completed [Ultimate City Post 10]

And the ranch is done! Outside and inside views:

As you can see, I have sort of fixed the lighting issue. The planks and bricks go fairly well with the glowstone.

On the west and east walls of the ranch building are the automated wheat stations. Since straining over it with the wheat farm, I've come to memorize just a little bit of the design. I also attempted to make the border of the station look good. The sign says "Wheat Station 1" and Wheat Station 2 is directly opposite of it.

I think in a future round of development, when the city's redstone network is set up, there could be another switch which goes down a wire to the control center that turns on a redstone torch saying that it's out of bonemeal or seeds.

Here's a look at the outside section of the stations:

I like how the top and bottom of the station are essentially reverse in design of the rest of the building. Adds variety. In the second picture, the bottom three layers are probably going to be underground. That one plank block which isn't aligned looks weird. If it's a bother, I can move that to line up with the others.

There's no chests in this building. I thought I might add a fancy piston door closet thing, but that was proving too complex and I wanted to get this done. Ah well, there's always next round.

And in case you are wondering, I'm thinking that there are going to be three rounds to creating the city.

  • First round is what's going on now. Creating the buildings and attempting a good design. According to feedback, the design could be better. :D
  • Second round is bringing together the redstone network. The entire city will be connected through a redstone network which is centralized at the Control Center. Because I haven't figured out all the network components, the Control Center hasn't been designed. This is also the round for the underground water system.
  • Third round is probably what everybody wants: the new design phase. Making the stuff look good.

So what's next? Perhaps the automatic breeder. I will have to check this out on YouTube since I've never done anything like it to any extent.