Monday, July 16, 2012

Underground Sugar Cane Farm

To get all the bookshelves for my enchanting table, I've been growing the reeds along the coast near the top of the elevator. I wanted to do something with the stone brick road in order to keep my energy flowing with the underground base. I decided to make a nice little sugar cane farm down there.

Originally there was going to be a mob trap next to the water source, but that was looking much less common. That spot became the location for the reed farm.

Using a very nice Efficiency IV diamond pickaxe and TNT, I made this nice space:

Putting in the dirt, water, and glass:

There's no redstone with this. I was considering making it a piston-operated autoharvester, but looking at what I have now, it's much nicer looking. The end result is quite simple but I like it.

The jack o'lanterns do feel a little haphazardly placed but ah well, they do the job. I could easily move the stuff around. The entrance to the farm also looks identical to the pumpkin room, which I will want to change.

I went to the nearby abandoned mineshaft to grab some cobwebs for string, which will go to making bows. The mineshaft intersects a ravine, resulting in floating supports, cobwebs, and a floating cave spider spawner!

Still not much of the above ground base has been designed, but for the up/down section, I do have at least this much made:

I'm attempting to think of what kind of blocks I will use in its design. I'm currently thinking planks, logs, sandstone, and Nether brick. This may also be the permanent location of my Nether portal.