Wednesday, August 15, 2012

More Housework

I spent some more time on the server last night and this morning. Did more work on the house.

Something I've been needing to get a lot of is wool. A fellow member of the server had a sheep farm and she was kind enough to let me shear a few of her sheep. The walk and swim to her house covered nearly 1400 meters, but it was well worth it. I now have a bed!

Returning home I discovered that there were sheep just 200 meters north of my house along with cows and chickens. I spent some time breeding those and taking what wool I could. I tried to get them to follow me home but it just wasn't happening, so I left them on their native island. This morning I tried again and had much more success. The supply of peaceful mobs is growing quite quickly - as are my wool reserves!

As the population slowly grew, I went to work on the main room of the house. It has lava in it, and I was worried there might be a fire started from it. But even after having the lava in place for some time, nothing was going wrong. It looks rather nice, if you ask me.

There was, however, a bit of an accident while it was being made. The lava did things I didn't expect and started spilling out from the back of it! Panicking I went to get water from the ocean and returned only to find I never actually got water! The second time around, things were more successful and I stopped the lava from going any further.

It was eventually cleaned up.

The server owner suggested I replace the full blocks of the slanted ceiling with upside down stairs. I suppose it does look better. Not as extreme of a visual incline.

Enderbro decided to stop by for a visit. While there, he went ahead and released all my chickens from their dirt coop. I eventually warded him off with a bucket of water.

The upper floor of the house isn't really turning out the way I wanted it to. It's supposed to have a relatively simple bedroom and a large lounge, including some grass and a small river. I feel kind of iffy about these results.

Still working on the farm wing of the building. Managed to get some cacti and pumpkins, which are now growing well. The wheat has been pretty dang important for keeping me alive. I have an incredible desire for sand, as the server owner found out as he watched me dig away at the sand some distance from spawn. Today, the same player from earlier also gave me a nice supply of sand, glass, and panes. It shall be very useful.

Back in single player, I'm playing with Slime farms. I have a little dilemma going on. In one spot, there are four chunks all together which could result in tons of Slimes but they are far enough that they might not work at times. Then there is a solitary chunk maybe 20 blocks from my cave base which, despite being only 1/2 to 1/4 as effective as the further chunk set, could make up for that by being active more often. It's also prettier looking.