Monday, October 15, 2012

SMP Building Ideas

In about two more weeks the server map will be getting reset. When that happens, I will be setting north several thousands of blocks until I find a nice landmass. Once that happens, I'm probably going to live underground again. For some reason, it has a strong appeal to me.

Something I want to do, though, is build a sort of palace for myself. I have the script for a Creative episode ready to go, but I presently lack the opportunity to do it. The palace would have a sort of sea theme to it, using blocks that have bluish hues and blocks which would go well with those. It would be a sort of complex place. Some of the blocks I expect to be in its construction include lapis lazuli, blue wools, stone brick, stairs, half slabs, and a bunch of other things. Definitely one of the more interesting things I've ever built in Survival.

A few weeks ago I saw "The Avengers." Iron Man's suit gave me an idea. I want the palace to have a sort of  "AI" that runs it. Called Neptune, after the Roman god of the seas, it's a bunch of redstone that automates certain processes for me, such as harvesting farms, opening/closing doors, and other things. I would communicate with Neptune using buttons, switches, and so on. Throughout the palace there will be signs which are what Neptune says to me, with redstone lamps to indicate Neptune saying them.

Another idea taken from Iron Man is a kind of suit-up room. Located in the back of the palace, when I step into the room I'll walk on a pressure plate. Dispensers will send me a top-notch armor and tool set. I need to set it up so that when I return through the same way, it doesn't try to send me the equipment again. When it comes time for me to battle, I can simply rush through here, suit up, and engage in any battle as needed.

The palace itself will hopefully be a demonstration of the design skills I have learned over recent time. After long last my builds are moving away from being nasty rectangles and cubes made of maybe three blocks, and more like organically shaped constructs with pleasant block selections. Although yes, the exterior will probably be symmetrical for the most part, I'm going to make up for that by including curves and other variations in shape that keep straight lines to a minimum.

I want the building to have some defense mechanisms. Hydrocity Gaming, my home server, is an anarchy server. This means stealing and griefing are permissible. As such, I only want people I trust to get in the place. Also from the looks of it, enchantments and potions will be disabled on the server because PvP is horribly imbalanced on the server with them.