Monday, November 12, 2012

Nether Hub Minecart Idea

This is a bit of the idea I've had for my Nether hub (constructed in a Creative map):

I was going to do something like that, but I wasn't completely happy with it. Though inspired by the Mindcrack server's Nether hub, I wanted something more original. And earlier, I do believe I got an idea. When I was wayyy younger I watched a show called Thomas the Train Engine. The main character was a sentient steam-powered train and a bunch of his coal-fueled comrades. They all lived in a roundhouse, a circular building which would be spun to connect with train tracks coming out of it. Here's a real example:

My idea is thus this: In each cardinal direction there will be one main rail line. Each line will service up to four destinations. Using things like buttons, detector rails, redstone, T flip flops (which I've recently learned about in university) and whatnot, a system will be set up where pressing a button will have me go onto one of the four lines. Each one of the lines will be able to be uniquely designed. I might go even further and have all four main lines connect to a central launch point... so much redstone would go into that. I also need to think about how it would all look, but at least it wouldn't be a Mindcrack rip-off.