Thursday, December 20, 2012

A House! Kind Of...

I spent a couple hours on the MC^3 server today, putting into motion my idea of an extreme hills village. Before I started making the house I chopped down some birch and pine wood. The iron axe I currently have is enchanted with an impressive Efficiency/Unbreaking combination which means it cuts through the wood like butter. I picked up a couple stacks of both types of wood, gathered clay to make flower pots, then went to where I would place the first house.

The house was free-formed, and when I was putting it together I didn't quite feel like it ended up how I planned. It meets the basic requirements for a decent-looking place, but it isn't quite what I wanted. There weren't any screenshots taken during construction, but here's how the completed house looks:

Once I added lights to the exterior, it began to look a bit nicer. I don't need torches on the inside, because the glass lets enough in.

I think I will need to look up hill villages others have made, get a feel for what a good one looks like. This seems a bit too disproportional. Also looks a tad like a squashed Enderman. My first official creation on the server... it's a start!