Sunday, January 6, 2013


I did something kind of drastic today. You see, recently I have been growing dissatisfied with my Minecraft world. There were several things bugging me, including:

  • The area of the map I had been using for the last year since I've made this map is full of uncompleted projects of different kinds.
  • Much of the map I lived in before moving to the cave base had buildings generated by the Millenaire mod, which I no longer use.
  • The cave base itself had its share of problems. Things had been built too close together, a lot of it just wasn't looking good, and it frequently had mobs spilling into it.
  • The area itself was outdated. Terrain generation had changed a lot since 1.0.0, despite the game supposedly having been a "full release," which means there were a lot of features I was missing out on. This was compounded by the upcoming redstone update which would alter game dynamics further.
  • My building experience and style has changed since even half a year ago. 
I was considering starting a new map altogether, even though I didn't want to leave this one, with all the progress I've made, behind. I actually did experiment with starting a new map, but decided it wasn't my cup of tea. Instead I packed up on useful stuff and started walking to the west. My goal was to leave the continent I had spent all my time on, which I called Yusaria, and settle in some foreign land. While collecting obsidian from my obsidian farm so I could make a portal once I decided upon a new home, I found diamonds, as though to bless my voyage.

Here's what I stocked up with:

To my surprise there was already a boat in the water for me to ride.

I saw a couple interesting things during my roaming, including a jungle temple! I didn't examine it, since I was still seeking a home, but I did make a waypoint for future reference.

 I walked and boated some 3,000 blocks before realizing that the open ocean wasn't going to be appearing any time soon. Yusaria was not going to let me go. Thus I settled in a plains in newly generated land.

Half the biomes I ran across during the time were jungles and jungle hills. Whoever came up with those should be slapped on the wrist and told he's a bad boy. Jungles, especially the hills, are good for nothing except slowing you down and providing obscene amounts of wood. At one point I got so fed up I started digging through the hills rather than painstakingly maneuver through the foliage.

The location I chose was a plains, sandwiched between two jungles. I feel these will probably be my main sources of wood. In the middle of the plain is a small forest, with a floating island to boot.

I laid down a portal and checked my coords. It's not terribly far from the Nether hub (about 253 blocks), which means I could probably run a line connecting the two parts of my world. Also, for this new start I will be using the resources gathered at my first base, which has a lot of resources (including almost 2 stacks of diamonds) that I left behind went I went into the cave. I managed to generate a fourth village during my exodus, and due to the ridiculous terrain made in 1.4.6, there are no villages near me.

I plan to do things right, and do them well from now on. I will establish the necessities - farms, ranches, proper storage system, and so forth. I have big ideas which, although it's difficult for me to accomplish them, can be done given proper planning. I will also try to complete the things I started originally, since I haven't given up on those. It will be fun to see what comes next.