Saturday, January 26, 2013


Single Player

This is a quick update, but it's something interesting enough to me that I felt like sharing. My temporary cave home has a ravine cutting into it. I have about 56 goals total in my Minecraft Experience challenge, and one of the goals is exploring a ravine. That one can be done easily now. This ravine comes equipped with peek-a-boo Creepers, too.

But what was really sweet was the pair of villages I found while trying to find a plains to settle down in. The first one is located on the shore line, next to a desert. The place is one of the smallest villages I've found so far.

A well, two libraries, and two farms. I call this little place Biblos Village. Biblos is the Greek word for "book," fitting because this place has two libraries, with two librarians. Pleased to have found a village and plains I started walking back to my home. Then I noticed a long gravel road, leading to a fairly large village. It has 12 houses, 10 farms, and plenty of villagers. 

It almost looks like it has an urban downtown part and a rural area. So impressive is the village that I decided to name it Polis Youssarianis. Polis means "city" in Greek, and the village is certainly big enough to be called a city.

Finding these villages accomplished one of my goals: find a village. What I want to do next is develop the village enough that the inhabitants reproduce and Iron Golems start appearing. I might indeed make it into a sort of city.

Friend's Private Server

Work on the roundhouse has slowed down a bit. I'm at the boring part of digging out all the dirt underneath it so I can make a two-level basement. I will probably spend hours doing that.

Shear Survival UK

Shear Survival unexpectedly went offline and was replaced by a group called IceCraft. I've signed up to join another server, but for the time being I don't know how frequently I will be on it.

This is kind of the annoying thing about SMP. Servers do not seem to last very long. Or if they do, the community stagnates and people leave. I don't know how the private server has lasted so long, except perhaps because most of us on there know at least one other person in real life.