Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Edge of Sanity = Reached

I had an epiphany yesterday. Actually, I'm pretty sure I had two.

The first one, which I think is fairly important, is that I come up with ideas that are far too big. I want to build far-flung villages, starships, arenas, impossibly complex redstone contraptions, etc. And the problem is... I don't have that level of imagination, time, or attention span. I don't want to spend three months working on a single build. Ideally I'd like to finish a building in two or three sittings, and normally I only play Minecraft for about a half hour at a time.

Which makes my redstone village an issue. It's an enormous project in itself. Almost two dozen buildings with who knows how much redstone wiring to be done underneath it. Honestly I don't think I would have the patience to do it all in Survival mode. I may just load up a Creative map and do it in there. Then when it's ready for release, switch to Survival mode and post it online.

Secondly, I can't make stuff that looks decent. Which is a shame. I want to make stuff that looks good. That is the entire freaking premise of Minecraft after all. But when I look at the stuff I'm currently making, I feel disappointed because it's so bland and unattractive. I don't get how people make these beautiful block combinations naturally. I don't know what part of the brain is needed to do that, but I'm missing it. Even those who say they aren't that good at building (I'm looking at you, Etho) do quite stunningly. Things just don't make sense.

Edit: Oh, I remembered a third! Everything's pretty much been done already. You know how I want to redstone everything? Well I'm pretty sure that's been done already. So yeah, there's also that about my lack of creativity. What's really left to do after this point?