Friday, December 13, 2013

Redstone Project, Continued

It's been a while since I mentioned the redstone network project I've been working on. Here's an update.

The most critical change has been the addition of the redstone clock system, which acts as the "heart" of the automatic portion. It's a big open controlled mess of redstone.

This morass of redstone technology tells the sugar cane farm to harvest every 10 minutes, and the wheat/potato/carrot farm to launch every 2 hours. So far everything works pretty dang well.

Underground I have expanded the item sorter and storage system. It's getting pretty long.

And the triple farm itself. I took the stuff from the redstone village I was previously working on and put it to work here. I've yet to have an issue with it.

The most active part of this whole thing is a hopper clock that fires once a minute. To some that might be annoying. I find it quite fun to let the game run in the background on low volume, and hear the pistons fire rhythmically. Eventually I want to make another one of these setups, but underground. In my main room I want to be able to hear the main piston firing, so I might place it underneath the chamber or something.