Friday, January 7, 2011

Model Work

Not much to report for the past couple of days. A visitor to this blog directed me to the software I was wanting and it sort of works as I expected. The 3D model display it has is one of the things I wanted to use. However, how well I can view the structure is rather limited, so I have to place my building in just the right place that the angle and zoom is just right.

Until I've mastered that, I've worked on it in-game. The outer structure is smoothstone and the inside is wool. I realized a day or so ago that the inside of my house is going to be highly flammable, being made of wool and wood mostly. Therefore I need to include an extinguishing system. I already have an idea how to do this. I would like to have a cobblestone generator that spans several floors. It would be composed of a stream of water and a stream of lava falling parallel to each other. This setup would be surrounded by smoothstone and perhaps glass. I could tap into the waterfall and create some channels along the roof that are closed off by a wool block. If one wool is set on fire, chances are it'll spread. When the wool blocking the water is gone, the water will fall and (hopefully) spread, or at the very least stop the fire from spreading.

One problem, though: I'm very short on building material. I didn't realize how much stone and wool this project would require! So for the time being, the project is really on hold until I get all that I need. Watch out sheep, I'm coming to punch you.