Saturday, January 8, 2011

A New World (No, Really!)

Yesterday, I went a whole 24 hours without playing Minecraft. I felt several urges to play during the day but I wouldn't have done anything worthwhile so I resisted.

Today, I'm sort of making up for it. I opened up a new world which I may be able to use for that world I want to construct. After a couple hours of exploring, I've discovered a truly amazing place. It is currently over 151 kilometers squared in size and around half the size of my main world. My favorite part of it is the land. I literally spawned on a section of a continent that looks like the outline of Russia, Mongolia, China, Japan and the Koreas. This piece of land is a kilometer long and part of at least seven major regions constituting this continent. It it also a part of the longest mass of continual land I've ever generated. I haven't even found all of the coastline and already it's over 2.4 squared km in length. I will probably keep going. I stopped just now because the game glitched and became jumpy and faster than it should. Which isn't too bad for me except the map generator also started making errors in generating biome borders. Actually, there are plenty of errors already - holes in the ground, extensive gravel beaches, etc. but I like these. They add a sort of flavor to the map, imperfect yet just right for the sort of RPG atmosphere I'm building for the map.

Also, some more information on one of the "nations" to be in the map: The Christus Kingdom. It is not per se a nation in itself but rather a confederation of several countries working together for a common good. It's sort of like the German Empire of the late 1800s, where the many small and not so small German states came together. In this Kingdom, each constituent nation retains sovereignty over itself and willingly submits to the Kingdom's authority. It was founded by King Shaddobi and now is ruled by his son, King Hanarzi. It is centered in the nation Yusaria, which is also the largest and most influential nation in the Kingdom.