Tuesday, February 1, 2011

That's a Big Ship

I did some planning last night on the room layout for the Elohim. The result of my calculations was the number 169. Yes, that's 13 squared but it also has a certain meaning for Elohim. That's a low-end estimate of how many rooms will be on the ship. 103 of them, largely crew quarters, are on Abel. Cain on the other hand only has about 36, and the remaining 30 are in the middle subhull of the ship.

Realistically speaking, there will be more than 169 rooms. I'm predicting at least 180. When I used the term "room" in my work, there were some areas that I treated as one space when really it would be made of multiple distinct areas. For instance, the main engineering area was counted as one room but there are several components to it, including the area for the reactor core, which is analogous but not identical to the warp core of Star Trek; the chief engineer's office; the duty engineer's office; the main fusion cores room; and whatnot. The medical bays have ICU's, operating rooms, offices, and whatnot.

Having to start planning out the location of rooms actually sort of caused me to start procrastinating. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because it forced me to go from the general idea of a starship to the excruciating detail needed to make it a reality. When I think of the Elohim, I consider it as a whole especially the appearance and major sections like main engineering, meddeck, and other things - not mundane parts such as the probe storage or matter storage tanks. So having to start writing down the tentative deck plans and structures of the rooms may prove to be a rather boring, tedious part. Luckily, I've at least made models of several rooms. And as I've said in a previous post, the ship's design isn't final. Others will be welcomed to state how they think it could be improved. They can go so far as to suggest new designs for rooms and items like the reactor, capacitors, waste recyclers, etc.